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The Community water system begins just below the Fire Station and extends up the main canyon to Killyon's canyon, the lower portion of Pinecrest, and all of Emigration Oaks.  Upper Pinecrest Canyon and Sunnydale Lane areas are sustained by independent water sources, and Emigration Place water is provided by Salt Lake City.  The District's water is pulled from four deep wells located high up in the Emigration Oaks and has two reserviors with a combined capacity of 1.3 million gallons of storage with fire hydrants placed to provide fire protection to developed and undeveloped properties within the District's water system.


The water is tested three times a week to ensure it is safe to drink and free of contaminants.  For more detail on water quality see the most current Annual Water Quality Report. The only additive to the water is chlorine, which is required for public water systems.  The District's consultants monitor the amounts of chlorine within the system to ensure its within the proper levels.


Water hardness depends greatly on the source of water being used.  For example, the newest well (upper freeze creek) has a hardness of 22 grains or ppm and well #2 (emigration estates) has a hardness of 43 grains or ppm.  If you are searching for a hardness number to set your water softener, a good safe setting would be between 30-35 grains of hardness.  Currently, the District is primarily using the new Upper Freeze Creek well as the main source of water, but will use the other wells as needed.

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